Your first day

What to expect

  • Submission of your passport, visa, and insurance policy.
  • You will receive an introductory greeting from our counselors and a confirmation of your course registration.
  • You will be seated while waiting for your placement test. This test consists of 2 parts: a speaking test and a written test.
  • Your name will be called for the placement test which will decide what level and programs you need to begin with in our school.
  • After the placement test, our staff will give you a general orientation regarding the school and its policies. * Please listen very carefully to our orientation; some of the school policies are very important for your success at RCIIS.
  • At the end of the orientation, you will have the opportunity to take part in a small group discussion with our counselors who speak your native language. They will answer some of your questions and make copies of your passport, visa and insurance policies.
  • After the session with our counselors, you will be dismissed from school for the day. We will inform you regarding the arrangement of your classes as well as your schedule before you begin your program on the 2nd day.
  • RCIIS requires all students to speak only in English while at school, starting from your first day. We hope you enjoy your time with RCIIS!

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