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Online Classes

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, RCIIS has been offering comprehensive and innovative online courses which reflect the spirit of a real in-class experience.

RCIIS has a dedicated group of teachers who fully simulate the original learning experience of classroom teaching, making sure to incorporate interactions between all online students. This focus on creating a “classroom-like” experience is what truly separates us from other schools.

Some important aspects of our online classes include:

  • Full, real-time instruction
  • Presentations, debates, and virtual activities
  • 1on1 feedback from the teacher
  • Face to face instruction
  • Interaction with classmates
Online Classes
Blended Classes

Blended Classes

When local and provincial authorities deem it safe to reopen, RCIIS will offer blended classes.

Blended classes allow students to study safely in person alongside students who are joining the class virtually.

Blended classes allow:

  • Students to study at school in small safe numbers
  • In-person and online student interaction
  • Innovative and unique team assignments
  • Face to face instruction
  • An excellent social learning environment

No matter your visa situation, RCIIS provides flexible learning methods for you to choose from.

*Please check with a member of our counseling team to see when blended classes are available.

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Our goal is to make life easier for our students by offering practical solutions

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Student Portal

Our students have a specific area on our website where they can find information about their classes, make requests, and much more!

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All of our online classes are taught through Zoom. Zoom is a powerful educational tool which allows us to maintain our standard of quality online.

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Video Recordings

Missed a class? No problem! Our classes are recorded. This allows you to download your classes and watch them on your own schedule.

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