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How long do I need to study at RCIIS to be accepted at a Canadian college?

This depends on the college you have plans to study at. Some of our pathway partners require a higher level of English proficiency than others so it’s hard to give an exact timeframe. Our EAP program is three months providing you graduate successfully, but entry into this program depends on your level of English.

How long does it take to move up to a higher level?

When it comes to evaluations, most programs at RCIIS have either monthly or bi-weekly assessment times. Your teacher will always communicate your progress with you and indicate whether or not you are ready for the next level.

Is it possible to change between Pre-Academic and Power Speaking programs?

Yes, all students are able to makes changes to their academic schedules by filling out the proper request form on our website. These requests will be evaluated by our administration team and responded to in 3 business days.

Is it possible to change classes if a student feels it doesn't fit their level?

If the teacher also feels a student has been placed in the wrong level, they will raise the issue with the school’s Academic Director. Together, a decision will be made to see if a re-evaluation process needs to take place.

Can students take a vacation from their studies?

Yes, students may take vacations at RCIIS but, they must follow our vacation policy. Please click here to see the vacation application form.

Do students need to buy textbooks before their starting date?

Students will be informed by their teachers if they are required to purchase textbooks for their programs. All academic courses use textbooks, and it is mandatory that students purchase them within the first few days of class.

Can I change programs later on?

RCIIS has both speaking and Academic programs. Our students are free to choose the path they want to focus on. After taking our entrance test, you will be placed in the level of your selected program. During your studies you may choose a different path as long as it follows our academic and administrative policies. Your teacher will evaluate you every 2 or 4 weeks (depending on the program) and decide if you can advance to the next level or not.

Can I attend a free class before I go?

You can attend a trial class at the school by sending a request to one of our school's counselors. They will let you know what level and class you should go to try, as well as help you find an appropriate day / time.

Why should I choose RCIIS?

RCIIS is a Language School with more than 20 years of experience helping students reach their academic goals. We are very proud of our academic standards and have a proven track record of student achievement. RCIIS is located centrally in midtown Toronto, and is steps away from Davisville Subway station. This part of the city is filled with green spaces and local amenities which makes studying at our school both comfortable and convenient.

How do I know how long I need to study to reach my goal?

Prospective students can take our online test to give an indication of their current level of English. Please be aware that this test does not include speaking or writing components, so this score is to be used only as an approximation. From this information our counselors will give you an estimation of the amount of time you may need for your academic plan. At the end of the day, it is your decision to determine the length of study at RCIIS.

What does Pre-Academic mean?

Pre-Academic is what we call our ESL programs which focus on academic English. All of these courses are part of our pathway system and lead to our EAP program which has the majority of our public post-secondary partners.

What's the difference between Power Speaking and Afternoon Speaking?

Our Power Speaking classes are full-time, concentrated programs which are offered only in the mornings. They focus on learning new vocabulary, confidence building, and 1on1 feedback from our teachers. These programs are dynamic, energetic, and will force students out of their comfort zones.

Our Afternoon Speaking programs are part-time programs and are used to supplement morning classes for students looking for more speaking practice. These afternoon classes have different themes and aims depending on the level but do not use Power Speaking techniques or material.

What are the credentials of RCIIS?

Our school is a designated learning institute and a member of Languages Canada

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