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We advise you to read the current Refund Policy for the most up-to-date details regarding the refund process.

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Refund policy information

The registration fee, all placement fees and all Health Insurance Policy purchase fees are non-refundable in ALL cases. A refund of fees will not be given if a student does not attend classes. Please consider when applying that student authorization or visitor visas can take up to several weeks to process. Students have a 48-hour contract cancellation period prior to signing the registration contract.

Rejected visa

If your visa is rejected, RCIIS will refund all fees, minus the registration fee, only upon receipt of the original Letter of Acceptance and the official letter of refusal from the Canadian Embassy.

Cancellation after receiving visa

There is no refund of any fee for applicants who have successfully received their visas with the Letter of Acceptance and other documents and assistance from RCIIS.

Cancellation before the start of program

If RCIIS receives written notice of withdrawal from the student along with the original Letter of Acceptance issued by the school at least 30 calendar days before the start of the program, a cancellation fee of 25% of the total tuition fee will be charged. If less than 30 calendar days, a cancellation fee of 50% of the total tuition fee will be charged.

Cancellation after the start date & dismissal

% Program completed % Tuition refunded
Up to 10% 50%
Up to 30% 30%
After 30% 0%

If for any reason, a student is dismissed from RCIIS, no refund will be made for the remainder of their tuition. The tuition fees are non-transferable. For Package Students, there will be no refunds for the cancellation of individual programs.

Absence / Vacation

Students absent for more than 1 week, without notifying the school in writing, will be removed from the class and may have to re-enter the program. Tuition fees cannot be extended for the vacation time for any reason, therefore you will not receive a Letter of Attendance from the school.


You may defer your registration starting date one time only. You will be charged 10% of the tuition fee as a deferral fee before the starting date. Deferring after the starting date will incur a charge of 25% and the institute will decide your returning session. There will be no deferrals for subsequent terms.

Applying through an authorized representative

Must request and obtain refunds directly from the representative.

Accommodation refund

The Accommodation and Airport Pick-up placement fees are non-refundable.

Leaving homestay

Students must inform the host and school of moving out at least 4 weeks before it is to take place. Otherwise, students will be charged until the 4 weeks are met plus $200.00 administration fee.


I have read and understand both sides of this Enrollment Application and wish to be accepted as a student of RCIIS. I understand and accept all enrollment conditions and refund policies.

I understand that all school activities or programs may involve personal risk of injury or death. I assume all risks and take responsibility for participating in school activities and programs. I will follow the rules of RCIIS. I release RCIIS from all claims, demands, actions, and liabilities whatsoever which I or anyone on my behalf had, now have, or may hereafter have for any reason in connection with my participation.

I, by participating in the homestay program offered by RCIIS and its homestay placement agents, do wave, release and absolve any claims against RCIIS and its directors and employees from personal injury or death, financial losses, damage, accident, or expenses resulting from my participation.

By signing this registration form, I agree to release all rights associated with any claim or dispute arose as a result of the authorized use of the my image for marketing purposes within the context of regular school activities, including but not limited to classroom activities and school organized social activities.

I understand that RCIIS may be required to submit attendance and/or proof of advancing in the program for all international students to federal government.

Payment Methods

The Letter of Acceptance from RCIIS will only be released upon receiving the tuition payment.


We have partnered with Flywire, a company that lets our students make payments with their own currency anywhere in the world

How it works

  • Go to Flywire website
  • Select the country you're sending the money from and the total amount in CAD$
  • Check the amount in your local currency and select your preferred payment method
  • Send your personal information, review all payment details and hit submit
Flywire Payment

Flywire Payment

Wire Transfer

In order to make a wire transfer to RCIIS, you must fill out a form provided by the bank. In some cases, this process can be completed online.

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Royal Canadian Institute of International Studies
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Bank of Nova Scotia
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