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This course is designed give students the skills they need to learn and permanently remember any new vocabulary they study. Making use of a psychologically tested and proven system called SRS (Spaced Repetition System), students will be able to reduce overall personal study times while remembering more than ever before. It will also teach students how to make use of modern computer technology to assist them in building their own personal vocabulary study decks, allowing them to study appropriate words for their English level.

Entry Level

Lower Intermediate to Advanced

Students must be able to understand basic spoken English instruction.

Exit Level


Expected Outcome

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Use the internet to understand new English words without translating back to their first language.
  • Make use of SRS software to reduce time spent studying at home while increasing vocabulary words remembered.
  • Make use of memory techniques which improve recall of studied words (mnemonics)
  • Incorporate correct pronunciation practice into learned vocabulary
  • Utilize word frequency (how often a word is used in English) to make effective vocabulary study choices.
  • Memorize 20+ new vocabulary words per day
  • Permanently remember all new vocabulary words studied, from any source


  • to build vocabulary
  • to learn modern computer study techniques
  • to develop daily study habits
  • to improve spelling and pronunciation
  • to learn how to personalize study to each individual student’s needs

Methods of Assessment

Evaluation is based on how effectively students learn to build their decks, and how regularly they study them. A Statistics Report will be generated by the SRS software at the end of the course, and will serve as a final test to assess student progress.


  • Lectures on study techniques
  • Online practice and exploration
  • Building vocabulary lists
  • Personal deck building
  • Homework and deck review

Materials Covered

  • Memory techniques (mnemonics)
  • Anki study software
  • Various websites used for study (forvo.com, linguee.com, image searches)


Regular attendance is required to be successful in this class. You are expected to attend all classes. No more than two absences are allowed (every two days late = one absence). Absence from class for any reason will give you an absence for that day.

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