Testimonials of RCIIS


Nelson Eduardo Godoy Faundez Chile PS, BC, STAR, ADGB

Since I got to the school on the first day, I really felt welcomed. And I lived my days of study in a warm and well-prepared family – and I mean all the RCIIS staff!

Being surrounded by students from different countries – especially from Asia – I gained such a rich intercultural experience, which was very significant for me because I learned different points of view about several topics. By the way, I also experienced that friendship is truly an universal language that transcends cultural limits.

On the other hand, when I started the courses from Power Speaking, passing trough Business Communication, until STAR Accent Reduction and ADGB, I was able to see how much I was improving my English skills, obviously being helped by teachers and my own effort every day. Finally, I am very thankful to have had one of the best experiences abroad ever.

Jerom from Quebec

Jerom from Quebec

From the ADGB, I can learn the foundations of global business, Import and Export procedures, current affairs and cultural differences. Sean is amazing. He knows every single topics and explains us combine with his experiences.



Kevin from Korea

Kevin from Korea

During the class, every student has a chance to discuss their opinion of the topic and debate others. It makes me as a person who can express my views to others in English. I was looking for this kinds of course and found it finally.



Shinya Terada from Japan

Shinya Terada from Japan

Choosing RCIIS was one of the best decisions I made in Canada. I had two things I wanted to do. One was to get in the English working environment. The other one was to solve the problem that when I talked to my friends or teachers they understood me but when I talked to “people” they did not understand me!! I had many trial lessons to find the right one. I did not want to waste my limited time and money. Then I found RCIIS.

The STAR Program really helped me to speak more clearly with right intonations. The Business communication Program helped me to be ready to get in the working environment with strong confidence. Thank you RCIIS! I am pretty sure this will help me to get a better job in Japan or in any countries!!

Pedro from Columbia

Pedro from Colombia

(He received a score of 5.0 to 7.0 in 2 months)
RCIIS really helped me to achieve what I wanted and even more than that! I never thought I could improve my IELTS score of 5.0 to 7.0 in just 2 months!

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