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RCIIS ESL Packages

At RCIIS, we offer several convenient ESL packages for you to choose from. These packages are designed for students who want to apply to...   Read More

ESL Foundation Program

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The global village which we reside in necessitates learning a language which can have unifying force. Undoubtedly, learning English helps us to become an...   Read More

Power Speaking

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This innovative program is up to 28 weeks which includes building strong communication skills and confidence with the focus on speaking skills. Power Speaking...   Read More

S.T.A.R Accent Reduction

The STAR program, an acronym for Stage Technique Accent Reduction. It is a unique fusion of advanced pronunciation systems and stage acting techniques which...   Read More

ESL Speaking

The ESL Speaking program is an English education package which includes Power Speaking and Grammar class. This package is designed for international students who are tired of...   Read More

Vocabulary Link

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This course is designed give students the skills they need to learn and permanently remember any new vocabulary they study. Making use of a...   Read More

Advanced Discussion Contemporary Issues

In Advanced Discussion: Contemporary Issues, discussions are based on issues that have a relevance in everyday life. The program includes lively and interesting discussions...   Read More

Business Communication

This course is designed as a general introduction to concepts and vocabulary associated with the modern business world.  Business affects us all in many...   Read More

Pre-Academic English Courses

Program Description: These Pre-Academic English courses (level 1-4) are designed for students who want to improve their general English competency, and to have a...   Read More

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  • Upcoming Events

    • November is here!

      In November,we will have some fun filled activities for our students. As always, we will have our Farewell Party after school in the first...   Read More

    • Exciting October Events!

      We enjoyed our trip to the Bata Shoe Museum where we had a chance to see the shoe collection from around the world.  ...   Read More

    • October Events!

      Join us in the month of October when we go to the Art Gallery of Ontario, Niagara Falls, Bata Shoe Museum, Latin Dance Night...   Read More

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