Pre-Academic English Courses

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Program Description:

These Pre-Academic English courses (level 1-4) are designed for students who want to improve their general English competency, and to have a chance to become familiar with academic English components which are part of both IELTS Preparation and EAP. Students must achieve the appropriate levels in order to be accepted into the various levels of this program. These courses not only aim to provide a foundation into IELTS and EAP programs, but also to help students attain a higher level of ESL proficiency. Lessons are based on several different themes, grammar points, and evaluations.

General Objectives:

  1. To adapt general English competencies in both receptive and productive skills
  2. To develop analytical skills by focus on a wide range of materials

Program Duration and Structure

It may take up to 28 weeks to complete all levels of Pre-Academic English with 20 hours of study per week. Before you start preparing for our pre-academic programs, your English language level and skills need to reach an acceptable level. This course is designed to improve the language skills of students prior to our academic purposes course. Preparation courses generally result in more success. They teach you the proper skills and help you to become more confident with all aspects of your language skills.

Expected Outcomes:
By the end of the program, students will:

  • Be familiar with the fundamentals of academic programs
  • Have an increased vocabulary
  • Have developed academic writing and reading skills, with a focus on paragraph and essay writing
  • Be more confident and accurate in their use of the language
  • Have developed more independent learning strategies
  • Be ready to prepare complex and detailed oral presentations in an academic context

Assigned Text(s)

Interchange Text books

Passage Text Books
Supplementary Academic Texts

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