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This innovative program is up to 28 weeks which includes building strong communication skills and confidence with the focus on speaking skills. Power Speaking focuses on helping students with daily conversational skills which cover a wide range of topics. It allows them to use learned expressions and vocabulary to create sentences that are used on a regular basis.

Students learn to express themselves while talking more naturally and with greater fluency. They receive one on one feedback from teacher to further improve on what they learned.  Students are placed in Power Speaking 1, 2,  3 or 4 according to their level of English proficiency and each level has up to 8 weeks duration.

Classroom lessons include:

  • Active class conversation
  • Role playing exercises
  • Daily individual “1 minute Power Speaking” (Expressing an opinion on a familiar topic.)
  • Word and sentence stress and intonation focus
  • Recorded individual assessments
  • Vocabulary building exercises
  • Daily reviews
  • Interviewing and summarizing
  • Individual 15 minute presentation on a topic of interest to the class
  • Focus on speaking structure: leading and participating in discussions, and sharing opinions
  • Immediate feedback and correction


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