Policy and Procedures for Language Proficiency

English Proficiency

We welcome students with all kind of educational background who are interested in improving their English as Second language.

The following chart is a general guideline for English proficiency for admission to different programs.

Programs English Proficiency requirement
Power Speaking 1 Higher Beginner to Lower Intermediate
Power Speaking 2 Lower Intermediate to Intermediate
Business Communication 1 Intermediate to higher intermediate
Business Communication 2 Intermediate to higher intermediate
Advance Discussion Higher intermediate to Advanced
STAR-Accent Reduction 1 Lower intermediate to intermediate
STAR-Accent Reduction 2 Lower intermediate to intermediate
IELTS preparation All levels 
Cafe English  All levels 

English Level Placement

Students residing in Toronto

For students who live in Toronto, students or their agents will book a trial lesson. On the day of the trial lesson, students will be invited to participate the class like other students in the program. Our teacher will evaluate students' English level based on four fundamental skills: speaking, listening, writing and reading while students participate the questioning section, interaction during the group discussion, reading the articles.

  • Students or their agents book trial lesson with institute
  • Students participate in speaking, listening, writing and reading during the trial lesson
  • Teacher provides evaluation after the trial lesson
  • School counselor provides suggestions for available programs with the feedback from trial lesson teacher

Students residing outside of Toronto

For students who live outside of Toronto,we will ask them to complete our free on line English test before they complete the registration. With the test result and their interests, we suggest programs to them. On their first day in school, they will be tested by teachers. If they are not fit in the level of the programs they register, we will make adjustment accordingly.

  • Receive the application form
  • Ask students to complete free on line English test
  • School suggest the programs fit their level
  • First day in school following the procedure like trial students
  • Place in the right class after first day of trying class
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