RCIIS ESL Packages

At RCIIS, we offer several convenient ESL packages for you to choose from. These packages are designed for students who want to apply to...   Read More


RCIIS ESL get Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Level 1 programs: ESL Foundation RCIIS ESL Level 2-4 programs: Power Speaking I, II, III IELTS Preparation...   Read More

Power Speaking (한국의)

  P.S. (Power Speaking Program)  레벨  Intermediate   프로그램타입  Certificate    SPEAKING, SPEAKING & SPEAKING!!! RCIIS의 파워스피킹은 100% 학생들의 스피킹 향상을 위해 디자인 된 프로그램입니다....   Read More

S.T.A.R Accent Reduction (한국의)

  S.T.A.R. (Stage Technique Accent Reduction Program) 레벨  N/A 프로그램타입  Certificate    S.T.A.R. Program은 방송인및 아나운서들을 트레이닝할떄 사용되어 지는professional acting techniques과 언어학에 기본을 둔traditional...   Read More

S.T.A.R Accent Reduction

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The STAR program, an acronym for Stage Technique Accent Reduction. It is a unique fusion of advanced pronunciation systems and stage acting techniques which...   Read More

ESL Speaking

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The ESL Speaking program is an English education package which includes Power Speaking and Grammar class. This package is designed for international students who are tired of...   Read More

Advanced Discussion Contemporary Issues (한국의)

  A.D.G.B (Advanced Discussion Contemporary Issues) 레벨  High Intermediate  ~ Pre-Advance 프로그램타입  Diploma   RCIIS 어드밴스 디스커션 프로그램은 일반적인 대화는 가능하지만 좀 더 깊고...   Read More

Advanced Discussion Contemporary Issues

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In Advanced Discussion: Contemporary Issues, discussions are based on issues that have a relevance in everyday life. The program includes lively and interesting discussions...   Read More

Business Communication (한국의)

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  B.C. (Business BBWsDateWebsites communication)  레벨  High Intermediate  ~ Pre-Advance  프로그램타입  Diploma    RCIIS의 비지니스 커뮤니케이션은 최고의 경력, 학력 그리고 경험을 보유한 전문 교사진과...   Read More

Business Communication

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This course is designed as a general introduction to concepts and vocabulary associated with the modern business world.  Business affects us all in many...   Read More

Pre-Academic English Courses

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Program Description: These Pre-Academic English courses (level 1-4) are designed for students who want to improve their general English competency, and to have a...   Read More

IELTS Preparation Course at RCIIS (한국의)

  IELTS Preparation Course 레벨  N/A 프로그램타입  IELTS    RCIIS IELTS는 ACADEMIC 공인 8.5 ~ 9.0 성적을 보유하신 15년 경력의 전문 선생님과 함께합니다. 차별화된...   Read More

IELTS Preparation Course at RCIIS

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This course aims to prepare students for academic or immigration purposes. Our main focus is to help students with the 4 basic skills of...   Read More

English for Academic Purpose Program

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Conventional ESL programs do not educate students with the skills necessary to prosper at the advanced academic level required in Canadian colleges and universities....   Read More

Afternoon Speaking Program

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The Afternoon Speaking class consists of extensive 1-on-1 speaking time with both classmates and teacher on common small talk Tips for great sex topics....   Read More

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