Since 1999, Royal Canadian Institute of International Studies (RCIIS) has been helping students from around the world learn English in a welcoming and a supportive environment. RCIIS offers various English programs for beginner to advanced level students to match the needs of everyone. Our teachers create a fun learning atmosphere while assisting students with any weakness that they have. The counselors at RCIIS are friendly and approachable and they work closely with students to design a pathway to reach their study goals.

At RCIIS, we truly believe in our motto, “learning by doing”. This belief plays a major part in everything we do in our school. While studying here, students will have ample opportunities to practice and reflect on their learning. Students are always encouraged to speak, discuss and share their opinions in all of our classes, and often create long-lasting relationships with their classmates. This educational lifestyle allows our students to be confident with their newly acquired English skills upon graduation. Students don’t just learn English at our school; they use it day by day in a variety of ways.

Upon entering our school, students will feel welcomed by a bright an inviting interior, with windows in every class. Our modern facility offers everything you need to be comfortable including computers, relaxation zones, and vending machines. RCIIS fosters an environment where students feel safe and confident to speak English in and outside of the classroom.

When it comes to course selection, RCIIS offers a large variety of choices to fit the needs of any learner. Our Power Speaking and discussion classes focus on teaching English communication used in the real world, while our Pre-Academic programs cover all four major language skills. In our academic English programs, students will also learn a variety of skills such as researching, referencing, and writing essays. These abilities are part of an academic foundation which is crucial to success in Canadian post-secondary institutions. Our school also offers specialized programs like Business and Café English which prepare students to work in an English-speaking environment.

Students who are new to Canada or Toronto are often surprised at the vast amount of cultural diversity surrounding them.Diversity plays a major role in our schooland plays a major part in everything we do. From monthly activities to daily discussions in our classrooms, the cultural mosaic of Canada is prominently on display in our school.


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A Designated Learning Institution is a Canadian university, college, or other educational institution that has been deemed eligible, by their authorizing province or territory, to participate in CIC’s International Student Program (ISP).