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What Students say about RCIIS

What students talk about RCIIS


Hakan Selman Kara from Turkey

Wordpress Developer
"When I first came to Toronto, i didn't even know what "am,are,is" are. But I have recognized that English is really fun and enjoyable at RCIIS, and only after 5 months through the education I can speak the language that is being spoken outside at ease with everyone who is native or not. The most important affect and only fact that is bringing the English language enjoyable to me no doubt RCIIS!"

MaksymSirenok from Ukraine

"The atmosphere here is like a cozy friendly home. I took different classes with different teachers, all of which were interesting as well as helpful. RCIIS also organizes trips and parties. I was able to find many friends here. RCIIS supports you and helps you in any matter. I love my school (RCIIS) and i think i will come back again adn again! Thanks for everything!"

Ekrem from Turkey

Starting a Canadian College on May
"Taking the EAP program literally was the best decision I've ever made. This program helped me to be ready to study at the college with many useful sections of study such as, vocabulary build, preparing presntation, writing skills, debates and many other things. When I first participated in this program, I found it really intensive but after 3 months, I realized that it was worth it. If you want to improve yourself and think about taking this program, do not overthink! You are on the right track. You'll be well-skilled student, with an awesome teacher, before going to the college. Overallm I highly recommend the EAP program at RCIIS to everyone who want to be successful in college. Join this awesome RCIIS family to make your dreams come true!"

Heesun from Korea

Master degree students at U of T
“ Do not give up at the moment when you feel it is too difficult to endure. That is a sign you are getting closed to your goal. Trust your enthusiastic teachers, your school, RCIIS and yourself. The best school and best teachers will make you the best student. Cheers!"

Kelment from Albania

Starting a Canadian College on Sep
“I remember the first day when i got to the school, I was surprised by the warm welcome from our counselor and teachers which I really felt happy that I had chosen RCIIS. This six months for me in RCIIS was an incredible experience being in among students from different countries. We had many activities at school which helped me to understand ideas and culture from different countries. Starting from Power Speaking and then to other courses, I have improved a lot in speaking and listening skills. Now I'm able to have a conversation with anyone, without doubting what I'm going to say. I'm very grateful for my RCIIS teachers, friends, counselor and director because they all supported me like my family."

Isidora from Chile

“ My first day at RCIIS was very good and warm because everyone in the school is very friendly. RCIIS is a really good place to learn. I'm very grateful to be here to study. I could improve English so fast becuase of the support they gave me from the frist moment until now. The environment here is so nice and allows me to meet many nice people and learn new cultures."

Saori from Japan

Working at a Canadian Café as a barista
"Working at a Canadian cafe was ideal and decided to come to RCIIS. I took both the Power Speaking and the Cafe English programs. Those classes were focused on speaking and i started to feel comfortable and confident with speaking. Everyone at RCIIS is very friendly! I guess that's why it was easy for me to speak confidently. The teacher is very experienced and taught us how to make coffee, customer service English were so many things to learn and i had lots fun in the class! About 2 weeks after my graduation, I got a cafe job! The manager liked the reference letter from my teacher and gave me a chance for the interview. I was nervous but was able to because i had lots of interview practices in RCIIS."